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At times, minor teeth defects can make you stand out more than you would like. People’s attention can be easily attracted to slight differences in tooth sizes, small chips on a front tooth, or a very sharp canine. If you also find yourself focusing on these minor imperfections in the mirror, you may want to consider a tooth contouring and reshaping procedure. This inexpensive procedure often helps, and is a minimally invasive treatment.

To contour a tooth, your dentist will remove a small amount of tooth enamel using a drill for creating a more pleasant shape and making your tooth match better with surrounding teeth. The tooth will then be polished for an extremely smooth finish. This procedure is typically performed for the most visible teeth, such as canines and upper front incisors.


Tooth contouring can help:

  • Small chips
  • Uneven teeth
  • Minor overlaps
  • Pointy or overly flattened tooth edges

Tooth recontouring can also be used for the correction of minor bite issues where teeth touch unevenly when in contact with each other. The treatment can also help provide a more masculine or feminine shape to the teeth.


What To Expect

The initial part of a tooth contouring and shaping procedure is where you take part in an initial consultation with your dentist. This involves an examination and diagnosis of how reshaping can help you reach your goals and improve your smile. We also want to ensure that not only will your tooth improve its shape, but its health will be protected as well.

Some patients require a root surface reshaping to guard against periodontal disease. In this situation, x-rays may be needed to ensure that the dental pulp remains isolated and protected. In most cases, only a small amount of tooth enamel must be removed. Since this is nonliving material with no nerve endings, a local anesthetic will not be necessary.

You will probably sense some vibrations as we carefully contour your tooth, followed up by polishing and smoothing. To reshape one tooth normally takes about half an hour. The results will be immediate. In some cases, a reshaped tooth may be somewhat sensitive to extreme temperatures, which should last no longer than one or two days.


Combination Treatments

Since tooth contouring and reshaping is a simple procedure that can be performed very quickly, it is often used in combination with other types of cosmetic treatments like tooth whitening, helping patients achieve a dramatically improved smile. Dental veneers and cosmetic bonding treatments are also commonly used in conjunction with the treatment.


Your Consultation

If you are excited about what tooth contouring and reshaping can do your smile, schedule your consultation today.

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Ellen C.
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Always a great visit when I go to get my teeth cleaned. Dr Sargent takes the time to make me feel like I matter as a patient.
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Karla M.
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Michael Sargent has been my dentist for years and I always leave there smiling. My hygienist Sandy Ayer is also awesome.
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