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Lanap & Lapip Laser Gum Treatment

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LANAP and LAPIP are an innovative type of technology that was approved by the FDA as the least invasive method for disinfecting the mouth and improving the support for teeth. Both procedures involve the use of a laser for the removal of harmful tissue so that healthy gum and bone can be regenerated.


LANAP: Means “laser assisted new attachment procedure.”


LAPIP: Means “laser assisted peri-implantitis procedure.”


Some benefits of LANAP and LAPIP include:

  • Treatment is minimally invasive
  • No stitches or sutures required
  • No incisions necessary
  • Minimal to no bleeding
  • Promotes supporting gum tissue regeneration
  • Involves less pain than other procedures
  • Less swelling and sensitivity
  • Little to no downtime required


How is LANAP different from LAPIP?

The LANAP procedure is used whenever a patient suffers from periodontal disease. It helps in the removal of damaged tissue while leaving healthy tissue unaffected.

LAPIP is a another type of LANAP for treating problems with dental implants. Diseased tissue is targeted and treating using the laser in the treatment zone. Much like LANAP, damaged tissue is removed using a laser without damaging any surrounding, healthy gum tissue. Since less tissue is damaged in the process, recovery time is significantly decreased, and the procedure is more comfortable that alternate treatments.


What is peri-implantitis?

Peri-implantitis is much like gum disease, only it involves implants rather than the original teeth. This condition results in bone loss around the dental implant. It also causes inflammation and the recession of fums. Similar to gum disease, it is caused by poor oral hygiene and is linked to a variety of medical conditions. If you have this condition, seek treatment right away.


How do the procedures work?

A pulsed laser is used to target inflamed and infected tissue. Since these tissues have a darker color than healthy areas, they are targeted by the laser, which leaves behind only healthy gums. This encourages the development of healthy connective tissue and bone.

The result is bone building that helps to reverse periodontal disease. There is no need for sutures with this procedure, since the laser will be sealing the gums so that a physical barrier is created to prevent any bacteria from recreating a gum pocket.

Laser treatments are also helpful for those with medical conditions that require them taking medicine like aspirin or blood thinners. Since virtually no bleeding is involved with laser treatment, these drugs do not have to be avoided before surgery. The procedures are also completely safe for those with HIV, diabetes or hemophilia.

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