Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover | It’s hard to be truly confident when there’s a problem with your teeth and smile. Even if your teeth and gums are perfectly healthy, you may still have cosmetic issues like chips or stained teeth that keep you from looking your best. If you have a number of issues with your teeth and smile that need correcting, you should consider a smile makeover.

What is a smile makeover? 

Rather than being a singular, standardized dental procedure, a smile makeover is a set of dental treatments and procedures that is put together for the needs of each individual patient.

Some dental procedures commonly included are:

 Let’s take a closer look at each of the common procedures that make up a typical smile makeover, while understanding that your particular smile makeover may not contain every element.

Dental Implants

Do you have one or more missing teeth? Implants are commonly used as part of a smile makeover. This is because they are the next best thing to the real thing – your natural teeth. As the name implies, implants are placed within the jawbone, providing a solid chewing surface that will not slip or fall out of your mouth.

To receive an implant, you would have a metal post implanted within your jawbone, which will naturally grow around it over time. A few months later, you’d return for your second appointment, at which time your dentist will attach a connecting piece called an abutment onto the implanted metal post. Finally, they will attach a dental crown on top of the abutment.

Porcelain Veneers

A porcelain veneer is simply a thin shell made of porcelain that your dentist can attach to the front surfaces of teeth to conceal problems like chips and discoloration. They would need to remove a small amount of tooth enamel to make room for the veneers before attaching them permanently with a bonding material.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a type of “cap” placed on top of teeth that need strengthening, such as following a dental filling or to cap an implant. They also have a cosmetic use, as they can be colored to match surrounding teeth.


If you didn’t get braces when you were a teenager, it’s not too late as an adult. Invisalign is an advanced form of braces that is made up of clear aligners that are worn over the teeth. This virtually invisible type of orthodontics can straighten your teeth without the need for any food restrictions.

Teeth Whitening

No smile makeover would be complete without a professional teeth whitening treatment. Your dentist will apply a whitening gel to the surfaces of stained teeth. Then special lamp intensifies the effects of the whitening agent. You can have your teeth whitened several shades to give you a confident smile that gets noticed.

Your Smile Makeover Consultation

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