Do mismatched teeth bother you every second of the day? Could you use a fix? Of course, you could change the shape or length of a tooth to match the surrounding teeth. That is an option to improve the overall appearance of your smile by getting teeth reshaping from a dentist. Learn more about this solution and why you should consider shaping your teeth.

The Rundown on Teeth Reshaping

Also called dental contouring, teeth reshaping is a cosmetic procedure that removes tiny enamel pieces to change the shape, length, or surface. This is often done to correct crooked or cracked teeth but can also be used to decrease overlaps, create a rounded appearance, and enhance the uniformity of your smile.

The Process of Reshaping

To get your teeth contoured, you just stop by the dentist before work, and in less than an hour, your teeth will look better. First, x-rays of your teeth will be taken to evaluate your enamel. If the condition seems solid, the dentist will then cut away at a small amount of the tooth, using a drill or laser to make the modifications you want until the look is right. After the alteration is complete, the dentist will polish your teeth to make sure they look smooth.

Reasons for Reshaping

This is what you’ve been waiting for, so let’s get right to it then. If you’ve ever been unsure about getting this procedure, here are valid reasons for teeth reshaping sessions:

In Closing

Teeth contouring is usually combined with other cosmetic dental treatments, such as teeth whitening and bonding, to address more significant issues with one appointment. Veneers are also used in conjunction to correct slightly larger imperfections. So when it comes to your smile, invest in perfect pearly whites with a much-needed tooth reshaping session with your dentist.

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