Even if you brush and floss regularly at home, no amount of brushing and flossing can take care of all the plaque and tartar that builds up on your teeth. When they’re left in place, they can lead to cavities and gum disease. The American Dental Association recommends visiting a dental cleaning service every six months or more often if instructed by your dentist.

Here’s why you should still get professional dental cleaning even if you religiously brush your teeth at home:

1. Your Toothbrush Can’t Do It All

Realistically, no one brushes their teeth for the recommended two minutes twice a day. This means you might miss spots or not brush long enough to clean your teeth effectively. Your toothbrush can’t get into all areas of your mouth, either. It’s not strong enough to thoroughly clean your teeth and gums. In addition, some toothbrushes carry a risk of transmitting gingivitis to your gums.

2. You Can’t See What You’re Missing

You might think you’re getting all surfaces of your teeth to a sparkling clean, but you aren’t able to see what’s going on in your mouth. Even the best teeth brushing technique may miss some tough-to-reach spots. You may not notice this until much later when you notice a small cavity or a bad smell coming from your mouth. Dental cleaning allows the hygienist to check your teeth for any areas of sensitivity, decay, or gum disease.

3. You Can Get Rid of Calcified Plaque Buildup

When people clean their teeth at home, they remove the build-up of calcified plaque that builds up over time. A dentist can remove more tartar once, making teeth smooth and sparkling. Professional cleanings may also help prevent other dental treatments down the road. It usually takes around 45 minutes and may leave your teeth pain-free.

A dentist can usually tell if someone has gum disease without looking in their mouth because of subtle swelling and tenderness. When this happens, calculus or plaque tends to build up, which can harden like concrete and be challenging to remove with a toothbrush, even if you don’t have gum disease.

4. You Get Access to Professional Dental Equipment

While you may have invested in an electric toothbrush, it can’t reach each surface of your teeth and gums. A dental hygienist can use extra equipment to clean in between the teeth and below the gumline. Professional dental cleaning allows them to reach otherwise inaccessible places and use tools with higher pressure and greater reach than at home.

5. You Can Prevent Dental Diseases

Since you can’t see what you’re doing, you may not notice changes in the health of your teeth and gums. These signs of gingivitis normally aren’t visible, but they can develop into more severe problems such as periodontal disease that may require more invasive treatments. A professional cleaning can detect such early signs of disease and recommend a treatment plan to prevent further problems.


Your dentist is the best person to recommend how often you should come in for dental treatments. If you’re not sure, ask. It’s also important to remember that not every professional cleaning is the same. Some are more thorough than others, so ask your dentist about their procedure before your next appointment.

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