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Chelmsford Dentistry | We find that patients are more comfortable when they are informed in advance about needed treatments and appointments, such as going to their first dental visit. This guide should allow you to understand what will happen at this important appointment with your dentist and dental team.

To begin, you will be escorted to a treatment room for a review of your dental and medical history. This is a good time to share any dental health concerns or questions that you may have.

Your dental assistant will take x-rays of your teeth and mouth for a review by your dentist at your Chelmsford dentistry.

Chelmsford Dentistry | Happy patient at dentist.

Comprehensive Dental Exam

New patients will visit the dentist to undergo a comprehensive dental exam. Your dentist will go over your health history. Chelmsford dentistry may take your blood pressure to ensure that you are in sound health.

The dental x-rays will be reviewed, and you may also undergo an oral cancer screening, which is recommended annually. Oral cancer is a serious disease that is actually quite treatable when detected early, emphasizing the importance of this initial visit.

A first dental visit can take up to one hour so that your dental team can spot any signs of trouble like cavities or gum disease. Depending upon the results of your examination, Chelmsford dentistry may formulate an individual treatment plan for you and go over your treatment options.

Dental Cleaning

You may also receive a dental cleaning at your first dental appointment. The purpose is to remove any plaque or tartar from your teeth. Plaque is a sticky material that forms from oral bacteria. It can inflame and infect the gums, leading to periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease. Once it hardens, plaque becomes very difficult to remove. Now known as tartar, it is only removable by a dental specialist.

Your dental hygienist will scrape away all plaque and tartar from your teeth. This helps prevent the development of gum disease.

If you already have gum disease, you may undergo a somewhat different type of dental cleaning that also involves checking the depth of your gum pockets and cleaning plaque from around the gum line.

What happens next?

In addition, after reviewing your individual treatment plan with your dentist. A member of the Chelmsford dentistry will speak with you to allow for the scheduling of any needed follow-up appointments. As well as go over payment options and answer any questions that you may have about insurance coverage.

For any needed dental service, you will be given a comprehensive cost and insurance coverage breakdown. We want to make sure that you receive the dental care that you need as quickly and as comfortably as possible.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

If this will be your first visit with our Chelmsford dentistry, we would love to hear from you to schedule it as soon as possible. Please contact us today at (978) 250-0079 to schedule your first dental visit. Subsequent dental exam and cleaning appointments can also be conveniently scheduled at this time.